Website Content Strategy

Hit your target markets with a good website design

The Internet is twenty five years old and there are billions of web sites out there. How does a business ensure customers will find their website among all of the competition? The key to a successful website is to provide informative content which focuses on the business’s specific product or service.  Content drives search engine listings and leads potential customers to your website; so although flashy graphics are nice to have, it’s most important to create informative content which clearly describes your business’s unique advantages.

Define your target market

Before writing a single word, it’s critical to define your target market geographically and demographically.  Where are your customers?  Where do they spend their time?  What are their needs?  Who are your competitors?  Once these questions have been answered, you are ready to determine which keywords your potential customers will use to shop for your product or service.  Combining targeted keywords with informative content ensures your website will be found by your target market.

Describe the benefit your customers receive

Your website should describe your business, but more importantly it should describe the benefit  your customers receive from your product or service.  Make it about them, not you.

Is it difficult to get your business advantages out of your head and down in words?  No problem, we know writing.  Our investigative marketing style creates compelling content which enables you to make your best impression.

We design websites with search engine optimization in mind.  If your website is designed to maximize the volume and quality of web traffic, your targeted message reaches your target market.  We believe maximizing local organic search results provides the best bang for the buck.

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